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tv   News 4 This Week  NBC  January 28, 2012 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome to news4 this week. >> hi, everybody. i'm veronica johnson. the stories making news this week, among them, shouted out. we'll check out a new workout that combines martial arts, dance and yoga. relieve stress and tone the body. the real-life red tails. look at the life of a tuskegee airman and how his legacy is hitting the big screen. how the ballerina accomplished things no one has before. it seems like just yesterday there was a huge frenzy over h1n1, but doctors said there are other sneaky viruses causing a lot of symptoms this year.
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doreen explains what to watch out for in "news4 your health." >> it's a miserable week, coughing nonstop. just not -- no energy at all. >> feeling horrible, feeling achy, just everything. all the stuff that comes with the season. >> so far this year, doctors say they haven't seen many cases of the flu. at the health system in virginia, physicians say there's been about 15 cases each month since flu season started. >> flu hasn't hit yet. flu, our experience with flu right now is that it's kind of flat. and it's going to tick up shortly. >> reporter: dr. john howell, a physician at the pediatric emergency room said he expects flu cases to spike by the end of january. right now, though, he's seeing lots of kids coming in with bronchialites, an infection in the lungs that typically affects babies age 2 and under. >> the illness lasts usually up to about two weeks. it's cough, a little bit of
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wheezing, maybe some trouble breathing, runny nose, fever. >> reporter: he said he's seeing 15 cases of bronchialites a day in the pediatric e.r. in adults, doctors are seeing respiratory viruses that are leaving people coughing for weeks. >> there are viruses out there, especially adults can get them, the slow viruses that can last three, four weeks. again, there are no antibiotics for it. there's nothing to really do to stop it. there's no silver bullet. >> reporter: that means both children and adults who are sick with these viruses simply need to ride them out. lots of sleep and over-the-counter medications if needed is the best prescription. >> i get lost of rest, drink plenty of fluids and stay home. >> reporter: doreen genzler, news4. >> doreen reminds us one of the most important things you can do is wash your hands and keep your hands out of your face. there can soon be big changes when it comes to those d.c. food trucks. the popular trucks which serve
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everything from pizza to cupcakes are now facing a possible total overhaul in where they can serve their food. you know it was going to happen. >> reporter: lunchtime, food trucks are lined up along the curb, customers are lined up, too. >> i like the mexican food that they bring into it. and also i like the spicy food, the fusion between american asi american food. >> reporter: there are even apps to track your favorite truck, from gourmet cupcakes to grab cake sandwiches. with the success of food trucks has come friction. regulations on the books are 30 years old and are geared toward old style ice cream and hot dog trucks. >> and they're vastly out of date. they reflect the modern realities. where food trucks are new business that's popped up in the
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past few years. >> reporter: but change is coming. the department of consumer and regulatory affairs posted a new set of proposed regulations. changes could include the establishment of special food truck zones, where the location and number of trucks could be regulated. and there will be new rules regarding how long a truck could stay in place. right now, the old ice cream truck rule applies. technically a vendor can stop only if waved over by a customer and can remain stationary only if there's a line. >> it's been very, very challenging. extremely challenging. we're small businesses just trying to make a living. >> reporter: sandra has been selling cupcakes out of her truck for nearly two years. she says new regulations are needed. alex hopes it will be good for business. >> i think it's great. i think it's about time. and i'm excited to see what they've come up with, you know. it's exciting that they're finally doing something about it, and i'm hoping that it makes things easier for us. >> reporter: megan mcgrath,
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news4. the proposals will undergo a 30-day comment period. final regulations will go before the d.c. council for a vote. well, now let's talk about burning off all those calories from the delicious food truck fare. if you're sick of your old routine and you tried this one out, it's a class, it's called nia. it's all about movement, martial arts and yoga, and even sound combined all together. we checked it out and we asked, what's your workout? >> ooh! ah! >> nia is a card vascular workout, combining martial arts and dance arts, yoga. it sort of works out all around of your body. it's a cousin of an aerobics class. i won't try to sugar coat that. it's a good cardiovascular
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workout. we work through all planes, from the floor reaching all the way up. so you use your giant muscle groups. so yes, you're doing a regular workout. and you're doing steps. and you're doing blocks and punches. but you're also expressing your uniqueness while you do that. energy going up through your head. the founding comes from the martial arts. it's an emotional release. the free abdominal workout, is supposed to come from your gut. it also makes you engage your core. so all of your moves are supported when you're founding, and all of your thoughts are narrated, sort of with sound. >> down. >> it gives you a chance to kind of let off steam and yell a little bit. it's good. >> it's a pre-dancing exercise. it's not aerobic per se. you don't sweat, although today
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i'm sweating. and it's trying to move your body better. >> it's a mixture of ages, and all degrees of whatever. and everyone brings themself to the class. and expresses themselves in a joyful manner. >> some people find it like a really welcomed relief. some people find it awkward. but just like anything, if it's your thing, you go ahead and do it. and then let the personal expression come through. >> that's right, if it's your thing, just do it. suzanne teaches nia throughout the week in d.c. and maryland. to find out more information about this workout, all you have to do is visit our website still ahead on news4 this week, why an "a" list actress was turned away from a georgetown restaurant. and buying versus leasing a car. how to maximize your savings when looking f
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm so in love with you >> i think i'm always going to remember that. president obama's tribute to al green is going from viral to mobile. as you remember, the president sang those bars from the song "let's stay together" during a fund-raising event. now the white house has turned the rendition into a ring tone. it's available for free on the president's re-election website. hmm. maybe i should get that. well, if you're trying to get the most value for a new vehicle, you might wonder whether to lease or to buy. despite offers that seem like a good deal, the real numbers don't always add up to savings. liz crenshaw got some expert help to do the math. >> now, get 0% apr financing. >> reporter: commercials promising low or even zero
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percent financing is aimed at luring in customers. it begs the question, which is the better deal, leasing or buying new. so we turned to jack with the consumer federation of america for the answer. >> great news for car buyers. the car companies are still recovering, dealers are still desperate to sell, and they need you more than you need them. >> reporter: let's start with buying. no money deal is better than 0%. but most of us won't qualify for 0%. >> beware, 0% financing, which is currently advertised, is only available to about 10% of us who have credit ratings high enough to get the 0% rate. >> reporter: leasing always looks attractive. >> one thing about leasing is it has very low monthly payments. >> reporter: but he says at the end of the lease there are costs to add in, from mileage to wear and tear. >> the dealer will go over the car with a fine-toothed comb and hand you a bill for $1,000 to
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$2,000. >> reporter: consumer federation did math for us. let's start with a 2012 ford focus. the sticker price is the same for leasing and buying, $16,697. lease payments $157 a month. buying at 4.5% on a five-year loan, $249 a month. leasing looks cheaper. but, at the end of three years, on the lease, you owe fees, and you don't owe aown any of the car. you have nothing. at the end of three years of buying the car with the loan, you've spent $8,964 in payments, but because you own a piece of the car, your real cost is only $4,985. you have no car value with a lease. >> you don't own that vehicle, and at the end of the lease, you have nothing. >> reporter: the numbers work the same for a 2012 lexus is. at the end of three years, the cost to you of leasing, $14,663.
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the cost to you of buying? $9,973, almost $5,000 cheaper to buy the car. gillis says think of leasing like representinting. >> leasing will enable you to get maybe a better car, a bigger car. if you want more car than you can afford, the bottom line is, for most of us, it's going to cost more to lease than to buy. >> reporter: liz crenshaw, news4. and from what i understand, only about 10% of the total people with automobiles are leasing. coming up, as red tails hits the big screen, a real tuskegee airman reveals how much truth there is in the hollywood version of the event. the host of television's longest running game show says good-bye.
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drew barrymore was turned
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away from a restaurant at a recent trip to washington. the actress was in town for the premiere movie "the big miracle." after the screening, barrymore and her fiance went to the comby restaurant. they denied entrance because the kitchen was closed. the two were later seen at shake shack in dupont circle. hey, why not a burger, right? red tails is about the tuskegee airman. luke weathers was among the legendary group of pilots. he shot down two german fighter planes in world war ii. he was buried with special honors. derrick ward has more on his legacy. [ taps ] >> reporter: he lived to the age of 90, a long and productive life, highlighted by his service to his country. >> no one has more deserve d
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triumphs. >> reporter: the tuskegee airman, luke jay weathers jr. buried with full military honors. of late his comrades on swings soared into popular culture in the year of a feature film. >> all the facts are true. the movie is a story. bringing a lot of history together in a short period of time. >> reporter: men like weathers and charles mcgee lived the experience. >> luke, he was one of the ones that developed the camaraderie. >> reporter: luke weather iii knows him as a father. while he hasn't seen the movie yet, he's heard the stories firsthand. they're part of his childhood. >> not only what happened during the war or what happened after the war, i think it's important as well. >> reporter: weathers would
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continue his life working with the faa and becoming the first african-american air traffic controller in memphis. while he paved the way for many, his wife of two decades knew him for heroics of a personal nature. >> the man, he was compassionate, he was loving, and kind to children. >> reporter: like rashan. >> he flies airplanes. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. >> and he will be remembered. well, after more than 20,000 contestants, and 200,000 questions, mac is moving on. he's now retired as host of "it's academic" after a career that spanned decades. news4's jim handly caught up with him to talk about how the show changed over the years. >> reporter: he walked the halls for over 50 years. mac mcgary is an institution at nbc, the man armed with the
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envelopes filled with the questions he's posed to thousands of students over the years. >> but the oldest students on the show would now be in their late 60s. i remember them as 18. >> reporter: he's called out to famous faces and names to come on down over the decades. >> good evening, welcome to "it's academic." >> come on up here. >> we've had astronauts on the program, john glenn. we've had perry mason on the program. >> reporter: and hillary clinton, she was -- >> she was an alternate. >> reporter: the questions that mac and altman productions comes up have questions that can stump the students that we kont see or hear. >> sometimes you can hear a four-letter word that has to be excised. >> reporter: technology has changed the way students learn and communicate. and the questions always have to keep up with the times. >> the major difference is the
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information technology, it was not available 50 years ago. >> reporter: mac's 85 now. and getting over a stubborn sinus infection. but like a fine wine, his sense of humor gets better with age. his favorite answer -- >> the question was, who defeated napoleon at waterloo? this kid very eagerly said, duke ellington! >> reporter: with confidence. >> yes. >> reporter: among his favorite days with wrc, radio. a drive time announcer in the big band era. interviewing some big names. >> i would select them. and i would go up and interview them. ♪ >> reporter: he still comes back to nbc 4 every week with former colleagues to listen to favorites. ♪ hey there ♪ you there with the stars in your eyes ♪ >> rorter: and it's the good old days that make for his favorite kinds of questions.
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>> i like when they do broadway show questions. i grew up in new york city, and i saw first premier run on oklahoma. >> reporter: his legend is still legendary here. he can rattle off baseball stats. while most of us were always just waking up on saturday mornings to watch, mac was always spot-on, never missing a beat. you've got cheerleaders, fans, bleachers filled, the parents, students. there's so much electricity in here, there's a lot of nervous energy, too. what's it like for you? it must be a rush on saturday mornings. >> yes. i must say now that i'm retired, that i miss it. it is. it's -- it makes you forget your troubles, i'll tell you that. >> i'm mac mcgary. thanks very much. >> reporter: in washington, jim handly, news4. >> retired and still very much loved. we love you, mac. and we welcome the new host,
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hillary howard of "it's academic." next up, a local ballerina accomplishes somet
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wow. a man from the manassas area may have made a record-setting catch. this fish was reeled in off the virginia beach area. a whole pound bigger than the previous record. the state saltwater fishing tournament will have to certify the catch to make it official. the angler is an x-ray technician at prince william hospital. he told the virginia pilot he's caught shark and barracuda before, but never caught anything this big. it is huge. looks like almost half his size. wow. a local woman is going from reston to russia. she's been selected as the first american to join the esteemed ballet, the same company that boasted greats like baryshnikov.
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more on the dancer's journey. >> reporter: she's been singled out by dance magazine for her star quality, called an angelic presence with edginess and attack. now keenan campa will be taking her plias to russia. she was invited to join a centuries-old ballet company. >> i can't tell you how honored i am to have this opportunity. it's been a dream. i'm thrilled. >> reporter: this won't be keenan's first trip to st. petersburg. the reston native spent three years at the magavonan academy, a school that produced dancers like mikhail baryshnikov. >> their ultimate goal is to join marinski.
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if you don't, there's another russian company in st. petersburg. as an american, i mean, it's kind of unheard of. >> reporter: keenan's love of dance has humble roots. she began at the con sterv tory ballet here at the reston shopping center. from there she moved on to classes at the kennedy center. >> one of the greatest lessons i learned from her was just to always be honest, and sincere. and if you're sincere as a person, and honest in everything you do, it shines through in your dancing. >> reporter: it was the shine that caught the attention of leaders from the marinsesky ballet, when they saw her performing with her russian dance partner, a contract was offered. >> it's a pretty special place to be for ballet. that's where it all started. and just being over there, you really feel it. >> reporter: keenan will begin her dream ballet job in june.
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